Data Scientist

We are hiring data scientists adept at deriving insights from small and large datasets and a desire to applying their expertise to real world problems of societal importance.

As data scientist, you will be a responsible for all aspects of data within the organization and leading teams of engineers in building machine learning solutions for problems of societal importance.

This will include understanding customers' challenges and their context, curating and transforming data, creating models, running simulations and deriving insights from data.

In doing so, you will be leading teams working closely with customers, partners cross-functional teams spanning product and program management, researchers and designers.


Ideal Candidates

We are looking for data scientists with several years of experience applying data science to real world problems. Ideal candidates should have strong quantitative background and be adept at a variety of data mining/analysis methods and tools, building and implementing models, visualizing data, creating/using algorithms and running simulations.

Candidates should be comfortable working with cross-functional teams, must have excellent communication skills and a track record of leading people and projects to completion.

Apply with a CV/resume and a short email explaining your interest to