Role and Duties:

A Researcher at WIAI will conduct research, identify and solve problems of societal importance that are amenable to data science and AI based solutions, in the domains relevant to WIAI’s mission goals and objectives. These include (but are not limited to) Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, Agriculture, eGovernance, Financial Inclusion, etc. The researcher will bring forth capability in computing technologies and other related domains including AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Systems, IoT, etc,. While the direct aim of WIAI research is to apply these technologies for Social Good, the researcher will also be encouraged to drive fundamental advances to the technology domains themselves as part of the efforts towards its application. The researcher is expected to work closely with the other WIAI teams and members in deriving research problems based on societal use-cases, conducting the research, developing solutions, services, and products aimed at end-users/customers as well as innovation and field partners of WIAI. While the researcher will be expected to do excellent quality work as an individual contributor, team work and collaboration by every member are essential for the success of WIAI. The researcher is expected not only to participate in problem definition and the development of algorithms and solutions but also in their implementation and execution. In addition to their own technical contributions, Researchers are also expected to mentor people junior to themselves including junior researchers, post-docs and interns. In addition, Researchers will also participate in the recruiting and hiring activities at WIAI as needed. Researchers are expected to present their work in technical and other forums of interest to WIAI, and publish their work in leading conferences and journals. Researchers are also expected to interact with the external partners of WIAI when required and to make periodic visits to the communities from where the challenges are derived and where the solutions will be deployed.



  • PhD in Computer Science, EE, or a relevant Technology field from a leading Institution or abroad (in rare cases the PhD requirement may be waived in favor or other excellent research record)

  • Internship and other relevant practical experience during education or later.

  • Excellent record of research as measured by publications, products/solutions created, etc.

  • Evidence of collaborative approach.


  • Either a few years of work experience in Academia or Industry or postdoctoral experience.