Solving problems at scale. Together.

What do we stand for?

We are single-minded

We employ the best of AI research to apply it in a human-centered manner for social good.

We demand excellence

We collaborate with the top experts across domains, with support from leading global organizations. You will find us at prestigious academic conferences and thought-leadership forums.

We are hands-on

We work closely with the community and stakeholders and co-create solutions. Our solutions are aimed to benefit the vulnerable amongst us.

We are cross-functional

Our team members wear many hats. We bring together diverse voices and experiences, each experience lends itself to unique ideas.

You matter

Work-life balance is important. We want you to be happy while doing your best work.

Impact through AI

Why does AI have to be for the few and not for the many? Can it meaningfully improve the lives of millions of people in need? Those are the questions we want to answer. Help us piece together the solution.


We ran a pilot remotely, in the midst of a pandemic. It worked.

Getting anything done in the pandemic is tricky. We managed to get our early pest management system off the ground during Covid19 lockdowns.

Open Positions