AI for Social Impact

We are an independent nonprofit institute developing AI-based solutions for underserved communities in developing countries.

At Wadhwani AI, we take on intractable problems where technologies such as AI can potentially be transformative. We balance scientific rigour with empathy to keep the communities we are trying to help at the core of our work.

We are currently building AI-based solutions in the agriculture and health domains, such as pest management for cotton farms, maternal, newborn and child health and tuberculosis.

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Incubating impact at scale

With all the hype surrounding AI, we see a need to ensure the appropriate use of valuable resources in the development sector. Alongside the solutions we are currently developing, we set up the Ideation & Incubation unit to apply our expertise to identify high-potential AI opportunities across existing as well as new domains such as education, livelihoods & skilling, financial inclusion and climate change.


We are one of the only institutes of our kind in the world, and our team consists of researchers, scientists, domain experts, technologists and entrepreneurs from some of the leading international institutions.

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Radical Collaboration

We partner with governments, social sector organisations, domain experts and academic institutions to ensure our innovations are accessible to those who need them the most. Our work is funded by technology entrepreneurs and philanthropists Romesh and Sunil Wadhwani,, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,, USAID, and Fondation Botnar. We work closely with a range of global and Indian organisations to effectively deploy our solutions.

Strategic Programs

We have been supporting various ministries and policy think tanks at the Indian state and Central government level – including NITI Aayog, Ministry of Health & Welfare, state governments of Telangana, Maharashtra and more – to identify use cases, collect data, conduct pilots and deploy solutions through our Strategic Programs initiative.

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