What Makes Wadhwani AI a Unique and Rewarding Place to Work At

360-degree diversity and a culture where agility, knowledge-sharing, and independence are highly valued. Here’s what makes Wadhwani AI a great place to work at.
As an organisation, we want to see our ideas translate into action, as soon as feasible.

At Wadhwani AI, we are a tight-knit team with a unique blend of skills and backgrounds. Decades-long industry experience meets youth, expertise, and innovation, as we work towards solving some of the biggest problems facing the developing world, using the power of modern AI. Our organisational culture values democracy, empowers all our employees, and enables both personal and professional growth. Here are some of the things that make the Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence a truly rewarding place to work at.

"The unique work culture that we have at Wadhwani AI is all about learning from each other."

– Rajesh Jain, Senior Director Programs Tweet

It is not unusual at Wadhwani AI for a domain expert with over 30 years of experience and a research fellow who has just graduated from university to be on a team together. People with different skill-sets, career paths, and interests are colleagues, building on their own and each other’s strengths as they work towards common goals.


Constant learning is hardwired into our DNA, and is key to how we function. Every team member is keen to learn from a colleague, and share their own expertise as mentors. This is also encourages a culture of conversation and cross-pollination, which is vital for us because we work on diverse projects that require a constant exchange of ideas. Debates and discussions are generous, with everyone hearing one another out, and building opinions that take different points of view in account.

"We recognise that AI solutions need to work within existing systems and frameworks and work closely with partners and domain experts to complement our areas of expertise."

– Amrita Mahale, Product Manager and Strategy Lead Tweet

Wadhwani AI collaborates with some of the world’s finest institutes and organisations, and our team members attend conferences, workshops and other global events regularly. This offers the teams a chance to meet domain experts, peers and other interesting, accomplished people. The experience always adds to what each one brings to their work.


At every level, our teams are given the space and support to experiment with their ideas, and try something new. This freedom to chase a thought and see what it leads to allows for a sense of nimbleness that contributes to the impact our work has. If you believe that something you propose has value, you don’t have to hold back at Wadhwani AI. You can pitch your idea and ask for the resources. Evidence-based, structured thoughts are groomed in the organisation and also promoted within the culture.

"The people at Wadhwani AI are extremely open-minded—they are willing to hear you out, and have logical discussions rather than just stating their opinions. This has helped me a lot in developing my personality."

– Aman Dalmia, Research Fellow Tweet

As an organisation, we want to see our ideas translate into action, as soon as feasible. This is particularly rewarding for team members, who get the opportunity to evaluate how the projects they work actually affect people and their lives.


As long as you get your work done, get it done right and on time, it doesn’t matter if you do it at the office, or from home or as you travel. Of course one is expected to be at the right meetings and meet their potential, but is a very democratic workplace. And this also means that when some of the junior researchers demanded that the office stock fruits and healthier snacks, the suggestion was taken up at once (though Bourbon biscuits continue to be the hottest items in the pantry.)


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