Synthetic Data Generation for Improved COVID-19 Epidemic Forecasting

During an epidemic, accurate long term forecasts are crucial for decision-makers to adopt appropriate policies and to prevent medical resources from being overwhelmed. This came to the forefront during the covid-19 pandemic, during which there were numerous efforts to predict the number of new infections. Various classes of models were employed for forecasting including compartmental models and curve-fitting approaches. Curve fitting models often have accurate short term forecasts. Their parameters, however, can be difficult to associate with actual disease dynamics. Compartmental models take these dynamics into account, allowing for more flexible and interpretable models that facilitate qualitative comparison of scenarios. This paper proposes a method of strengthening the forecasts from compartmental models by using short term predictions from a curve fitting approach as synthetic data. We discuss the method of fitting this hybrid model in a generalized manner without reliance on region specific data, making this approach easy to adapt. The model is compared to a standard approach; differences in performance are analyzed for a diverse set of covid-19 case counts.


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